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Updated: Jan 16

Your LifeBook- an interactive journal and workbook designed to support your progress on your health journey. Optimal wellbeing means losing weight and continuing on your journey without gaining it back. Classes held every Monday at 8:30am with Karen Labonte and 5:00pm with Sandy Patrick.

The Six Habits

We make getting started simple by quickly building self-efficacy and creating early successes for you. As you feel better, have more energy, and are losing weight safely, you will be motivated to discover more ways you can improve your health. It’s easy to do, and you won’t have hunger pangs or food cravings if you follow the Habits of Health approach. In this class you will learn how to:

  • Lose Weight & Create Health

  • Build lasting Habits of Health and Friendships

  • Unlock Rewards in all aspects of your wellbeing

  • Weigh-ins,Share tips and Recipes

  • Community Involvement

  • Accountability Partner

Dr. A is a New York Times bestselling author and the tenth physician in the world to be Board-Certified in Critical Care. When he saw that traditional medicine was failing to truly help patients change their lives, he left critical care to co-found OPTAVIA® and to develop his groundbreaking system. This is a free class taught by Certified Health Coach; Sandy Patrick and Karen Labonte.

Gym Hours

Closed due to Covid-19


please call if any questions pertaining to your belongings, key deposits, and equipment pick up.


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