How to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing much unrest all over the world. However, it's good to stay up to date on what's happening but try not to let it stress you out! The single best way to avoid getting sick is by keeping your immune system healthy with nourishing foods and a healthy lifestyle. Here are 4 key points on how to do this:

1. Make rest a priority. Our body's ability to fight infection is dramatically reduced when we are sleep deprived. Sleep restores the immune system.

2. Wash your hands. For at least 20 seconds - that is the amount of time needed to kill germs that fight infection. This is far more effective than wearing a face mask.

3. Manage stress. Just like being sleep deprived, your immune system does not function optimally when you are in the stress response.

4. Eat colorful immune-supportive superfoods. Kale, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, turmeric, winter squash are just a few of the foods that contain abundant phytonutrients that support your immune system.

Stay in the Know ! (Up to date status from NHPR)

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