Baby Yoga & Baby Zumba Classes are Here!

Looking for a simple way to connect both emotionally and physically with your baby? Try Mommy-and-Me Yoga! Unlike the kinds of yoga you might have practiced on your own (or simply heard about), doing yoga with your baby is quite different: At yoga class, you’ll help your baby perform simple stretches with playful music and some simple props thrown into the mix to engage and stimulate the minds of your little yogi. Just don’t expect your 3-month old to rock a Warrior II pose — you’ll hold onto her throughout the practice up until she’s proficient at crawling or walking on her own. 

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Zumbini Classes

Get ready for a great all over body workout! This class incorporates cardio, strength training for arms and legs and focused abdominal work. Baby is in a front carrier for the cardio and strength training portion of class. Your baby can be incorporated into the abdominal and floor exercises as well!

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